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Growing Staghorn Ferns

Platycerium bifurcatum

I love to grow staghorn ferns. The ones I grow are P. bifurcatum. In this species the mature basal fronds are displayed for extended periods. These dead fronds often take on the look of polished wood in rich shades of ochre.

I use a type of mount and growing system somewhat different from the way staghorns are commonly grown. My staghorns grow on permanent mounts made from layers of polyester felt.

Staghorns and Polyester Mounts offers some insights and examples for growing in the vertical plane, especially in the cultivation of Staghorn Ferns. If you are new to growing staghorns, basic information is offered here. If you have one of my polyester mounted staghorns you can find care information here.

The staghorn species I work with is P. bifurcatum, the common staghorn. I grow this one because it does well in my home. The information on this website about staghorns should be considered only to apply to these conditions.

I have a big old house with forced air heating. In the cold months the staghorns are indoors. When the weather warms they go outside. These conditions govern the way I grow staghorns.

The staghorns in the gallery are in my personal collection. I sometimes sell specimen plants. If any of these plants interest you please contact me with any questions.